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"To save or not to save" really isn't the question. The real question is, "How?" eDCU has several answers to make that easy for you. It only takes $5 to open our Savings Account and unlock the benefits of eDCU membership — including all the different ways we have to save, from youth accounts to IRAs. Open your Savings Account today!

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Saving is so much easier when you have a specific goal in mind! Add one of the accounts below to your regular savings account to start building funds for your next vacation, a new car, or the holidays.

Unlimited Auxiliary Savings

There is no limit to the number of auxiliary accounts you may open. They earn the same dividends and ease of access. By dedicating an entire account for one goal, it makes it easier to keep that goal in sight and reach it. Best of all, it helps prevent depleting your primary savings, which should be reserved as a safety net when needed.

Some popular savings goals to open an auxiliary account include:

  • Vacation
  • Down payment on a home
  • New car
  • College
  • Home improvement
  • Taxes

Limited Auxiliary Savings

This version of our auxiliary accounts is the easiest way to save up for holiday expenses or other special occasion. Establish a set amount each payday to be automatically deposited here. That way, you're ready when the occasion arrives!

You can access your funds anytime during the year. You are limited to one withdrawal per month*, though, helping to ensure the funds are there for the dedicated purpose.

*Limited Auxiliary Savings is subject to an excessive withdrawal fee of $15 for each withdrawal exceeding one per month.

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