Learn everything you need to know about debit and credit card disputes and fraud.


I want to dispute a transaction. What do I do?

Please call 360-943-7676 ext 137. You will be prompted to put in your card number. One of the available options will be to dispute a transaction.

What is the difference between a dispute and actual fraud?

A dispute is a disagreement between you and a merchant that you provided your debit or credit card information to when you made a purchase, or at a financial institution for a transaction conducted at an ATM.

Fraud is when your debit or credit card information is stolen and used fraudulently by the person who stole it, and where you did not participate or benefit from the transaction.

Am I required to contact the merchant/financial institution?

If the transaction is fraud as explained above, you do not need to contact the merchant and you can proceed with completing a dispute form.

If it’s not fraud, then you need to contact the merchant first before disputing the transaction. Visa will not process a dispute until you have contacted the merchant/financial institution to attempt to resolve your dispute. You can contact the merchant by phone, email or mail.

When do I complete the dispute form?

If you are unable to resolve the disagreement with the merchant/financial institution, you can submit a dispute by calling 360-943-7676 ext 137. Be prepared to provide the details of the original transaction, the reason for the dispute, and any contact you have had with the merchant regarding resolution of the dispute.

What information do I need?

An important first step is to give only one reason for the dispute. If you are not sure of your options, please contact 360-943-7676 ext 137 to speak to a dispute representative. For non-fraud disputes you will need to provide:

  • The date(s) and methods used to communicate with the merchant
  • The merchant’s phone number, email address, website
  • Details of the conversations and timelines

These details are important and the information you provide is used to decide the outcome of your dispute.

What is provisional credit?

Provisional credit is a temporary/conditional credit issued to you while the dispute is in process. At the end of the process, the credit will remain on your account if the decision is in your favor. If the decision is in favor of the merchant, the credit will be removed from your account.

When will provisional credit be given?

Our goal is to provide a provisional credit to your account within one business day. Provisional credit is issued when a completed dispute form is submitted with proper documentation.

What role does the credit union have in the decision of the dispute?

The only role the credit union plays is to send the dispute form and documentation to Visa. Visa will review your information along with information provided by the merchant, such as the address where an item was delivered, the contact information provided with the purchase, and tracking information if available.

Visa’s final decision is based on the terms and condition of the agreement between you and the merchant/financial institution.

How long can it take for a dispute to be resolved?

Generally, disputes can be resolved in 60 days. Because every situation is different, the timelines may vary. Some disputes may take 120 days or more to complete the process. Additional information may be requested, and the credit union will contact you in these instances. Please make sure your contact information is up to date and accurate on the form.

If we need to contact you regarding your dispute, it's important that you respond within the timeframe given to ensure the dispute process continues.

If my dispute is not ruled in my favor, what happens next?

When this happens the provisional credit that was originally provided to you will be reversed, and you’ll be referred to the other party for any further attempt in resolving the disputed charge.