Holiday Skip
Want to put a little extra cash in your pocket by skipping your November, December or January consumer loan and/or Perks Visa® credit card payments?

Nothing makes people zone out faster than a bunch of numbers on a screen. But MoneyDesktop makes managing money fun! Okay, it isn't kayaking Puget Sound, but hear us out. This free service compiles all your account information and presents it in easy-to-understand, interactive ways. Track expenses, create budgets, manage debt, and more!

  • Free and easy to use service for eDCU members
  • Manage your finances from a single online hub
  • Track all your accounts, loans, and cards
  • Customize features to meet your goals:
    • Account aggregation
    • Expense tracking
    • Budget creation
    • Debt management
    • And more!
  • Available 24/7 anywhere there's an internet connection
  • Easily accessible via online banking

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You must enroll in online banking before you can use MoneyDesktop. Once you do, log in to online banking, click the menu, and then select MoneyDesktop under the "Services" category.