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Signs of Identity Theft


By: Stacy Bush

Signs of Identity Theft 

Many people don’t know they’ve become victims of identity theft until they’re contacted by a financial institution. Don’t rely on others to notify you that your information has been stolen. Know what to look for. Early detection can help limit the damage done by an identity thief. Here are indicators that you may be a victim.

  • You notice errors or unfamiliar transactions on your bank and/or credit card accounts.
  • Your credit report includes unfamiliar accounts or charges.
  • Your credit report contains inquires made by businesses in response to applications for credit, loans, or services you did not initiate.
  • You received collection notices or calls about a debt that isn’t yours.
  • You have a good credit rating but are denied credit in response to an application.
  • Your checks are refused by merchants.
  • Bills, statements, or other expected mail or email doesn’t arrive.
  • You get bills for accounts you didn’t open or medical services you didn’t receive.
  • Your health insurance responds to your legitimate medical claim with a notice that your benefits limit has been reached.
  • Your medical records report a condition you do not have.
  • You are notified by the IRS that you have income from an employer unknown to you or that more than one tax return was filed with your Social Security Number.
  • You are notified of a data breach at a company that involves your information.

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