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The Credit Union Difference


By: Stacy Bush

Why join a credit union? Isn’t a credit union the same as a bank? The answer is NO! Credit unions do provide financial services like a bank but there are some HUGE differences.

Credit Unions 

  • Credit unions are owned by its members, who are depositors of money to the credit union.
  • Credit unions are not for profit. Any money left over after expenses and reserves is given back to the members in the form of lower fees, lower loan rates, higher dividend rates on deposits, and free services.
  • Ran by a Board of Directors who volunteer their time to make the best decisions for credit union members.\
  • Purpose of a credit union is to provide financial services to its members (owners).


  • Banks are owned by shareholders.
  • Banks aim to make profit for their shareholders.
  • Ran by the shareholders who are paid and make decisions based on what is best for themselves.
  • Purpose of a bank is to provide financial services with the aim to make a profit.

Why evergreenDIRECT Credit Union (eDCU)? Now that you know the difference in a credit union and a bank, let me share how eDCU is different.

Imagine it is the day before payday. But wait! Your paycheck is already in your account. Our program Get Paid a Day Early gives you access to your payroll and other direct deposits a day early and sometimes earlier than that!

We noticed far too many members were paying too much for basic consumer loans. So, we decided to make a statement with our 50% Off Loan Refi and 50% off is a pretty big statement, wouldn’t you say? Since 2014 we have refinanced hundreds of our members consumer loans and credit cards with other financial institutions and some folks are saving thousands of dollars. We’d like to do the same for you.

Wanna Kasasa? Kasasa is our free checking that rewards you for the things you already do. You pick your reward based on what is important to you. How about higher dividends, cash back, or reimbursements on purchases you make? Plus, nation-wide ATM fee refunds.

Credit Check Ups are another way eDCU helps you save more. Our free credit check-up will help you identify errors and guide you in resolving them. We explain what details on your credit report drive the credit score, give suggestions to build your score over time, look at how much is being paid for credit and make recommendations to reduce those costs. 

Our Take 2 program lets you skip two consecutive payments each year during the life of your loan — for free! Put your money where it matters most like a family vacation or extra cash for the holidays. 

Take advantage of being an eDCU member and find out for yourself why #eDCUrocks! It's New. It's Different. It Rocks!