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Not all on Facebook is legit!


By: Lorene Turnquist

But if it is on the internet it has to be real, right? OK, that used to be funny. But now we’re all seeing more and more fraud being perpetrated on Facebook and other social media outlets.  

Now we have to deal with a thing called Facebook Farming. These usually contain heart-wrenching pictures of sick kids or animals in desperate need of our help. The posts are practically begging us to react or to share with our friends.

And while just reacting with a like or a sad face isn’t going to wipe out your checking account, the posers behind these fake posts are watching to see who DOES respond. They collect this data because they think these people are more likely to fall for scams. Think of it like a test. If you respond, you pass the test in the eyes of bad guy. Now you can expect to get follow up messages for personal information to help raise the money needed to cure this horrible disease or feed the starving animals.

Rule of thumb – if you don’t know the original source of the post, think carefully before you click. Might be best just to move on.