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Lots of things impact your life. You need to put Credit Score on that list!


By: Lorene Turnquist

Your credit score impacts so many things. Obviously, it will influence your ability to get loans and credit cards. Here's a few more:

  1. The price you pay for credit. People with lower credit scores are viewed as higher risk to lenders so they charge more to compensate for that risk.
  2. Your payment amount on loans and credit cards. First, if your interest rate is higher because of a low credit score, mathematically your monthly payment will be higher than someone with a low interest rate. But people with great credit scores are often able to get longer terms on loans – lowering their payments and they can get credit cards with a smaller minimum payment requirement.
  3. Your car insurance premium. What does car insurance and your credit score have in common? Well, insurance companies have data that shows people who pay their bills on time and take care of their credit have lesser insurance risk. More risk = more cost to you.
  4. Get a job. Get an apartment. You bet that employers and landlords are relying on credit scores to make these decisions.

So what does your score look like? How can you influence your score? How come the score you get from one company is different than one from another company? All excellent questions!

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