Avoid credit & debit card declines.

You can get a credit card almost anywhere. So what makes the eDCU Visa® credit card different? We've got one of the lowest interest rates in the Pacific Northwest. But saving isn't as fun as spending. That's why we offer Swipe & Sign Rewards. Earn points on every purchase for gift cards, merchandise, and more!*

As a preventative measure, your card may be blocked if it is being used in an area out of the norm. Avoid the embarrassment of your card being declined while traveling this holiday season and notify the credit union of your travels.
How do I notify the credit union I am traveling out of the area/state/country?
  • Call 360-943-7676/800-327-4286
  • Visit either of our financial centers
  • Send a Secure Message via Online Banking. Secure Messaging can be found by clicking the Menu button and then Secure Messaging under Services.
When notifying the credit union about your travel plans, be sure to include any places where you have a stopover planned, even if you are just changing planes. If you miss your flight and need to spend the night somewhere that isn't on your itinerary, the last thing you want is for your card to stop working.
  • No annual fee
  • Variable interest rate
  • No balance transfer fees
  • No cash advance fees
  • Swipe & Sign Rewards to earn up to 1.5 points for each $1 of purchases
  • Safe, secure worldwide and online spending power
  • Emergency travel assistance
  • Auto rental collision damage waiver
  • 25-day grace period on purchases to avoid finance charges
  • Payroll deduction or automatic transfer available for payment convenience

View the Visa Pre-Disclosure.

Swipe & Sign Rewards
  • Swipe & Sign Rewards let you earn points on every purchase*
  • Earn 1 point for every $1 spent up to the first $1000 each month
  • Earn 1.5 points for every $1 spent in purchases over $1000 each month
  • Redeem points for travel, gift cards, cash, merchandise and more
  • Manage your points online
Remote Control Cards
  • Enable/disable debit & credit cards whenever you want
  • Keep your eDCU account secure
  • Freeze your card to prevent fraudulent payments
  • Unfreeze your card once the threat has passed
  • Easily accessible via online and mobile banking
Verified by Visa

Gain the peace of mind that comes with added security when you shop online. Verified by Visa is a free and easy — but highly effective — service that confirms your identity when you initiate an online transaction.

You create an extra password that must be entered before a purchase is accepted. This way, even if your account number has been compromised, a thief can't use it at these online merchants.**

Enroll in Verified by Visa today.

*PIN based transactions do not earn points. Swipe your card and sign for the transaction to accumulate points.

**Valid only with participating merchants.